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Ray Hudson dan Komentarnya yang Berapi-Api

FC BARCELONA INDONESIA - Mau cerita sedikit tentang Ray Hudson. Ini komentator bola yang paling ane senangi karena gaya bicaranya yang berapi-api, menjulang tinggi dan benar-benar mampu membahasakan suatu hal yang "ajib" dengan sangat menarik. Jempol lima dah buat komentar ini. Walaupun ane cetek bahasa inggris-nya, ane tetap bisa tersihir dengan kata-katanya gan. Coba ini simak komentarnya di Piala Super Spanyol kemarin.

Phil: ow they can smile, on Friday, the league suppose to set down with the players union to try on work out an agreement, but obviously the first round has been sacrificed for .... (nggak denger :D)

For many ways Ray, bla bla bla (ngomongin soal penundaan La Liga)

Ray Hudgson: Real Madrid present look and down sing Barcelona lift another thropy  and I've got to see you this Phil (nama temennya) .. you (nomong nggak jelas) ... it didnt take ages Cesc Fabregas to win a throph.

Phil: he he he (tertawa kecil) What about ten minutes?

Fabregas: Really, it was six year in arsenal without (what?) spoon. (kayaknya mau bilang, sendok 'spoon' aja nggak dapat di Arsenal, apalagi cup. tafsir pribadi), enjoying Barcelona, and he got one in fifteen minutes. Tremendous comeback from Barcelona but again I got a credit for Real Madrid for making this (what?) a a super copa.

It really enjoyed watched in so many levels. It disintegrated in a fight at the end, but they .. not denying Barcelona and the beauty of it is, the winning goal .... (what?). It was calculiated football, it was calibrated football, and it was detiniated by Lionel Messi.

bla bla bla

Welcome home Cesc, they would be plenty more coming, just like this. If this is any indication a go by (?), but that team in the white would be running you and haunting you like never before

Phil: And Its an expensive thropy for Fabregas who's selling out more than one million dolars of his own salary to come home, and as you said, its paid off already. What a perfomances, David Villa, Iniesta, much sharper in the second tie, and as you mention Real Madrid dive them for credit maybe they were on the (what?)

bla bla bla

Roy: Yup, Barcelona's fans do want give any credit to Real Madrid at all and it maybe (what?), but they have seen a team that is gonna run them down even closer and still, Real Madrid count it vain the piece of the equation (what?)

This Real Madrid team up into the final disasters melt down. It was (what?) by Marcelo had shown shown good ... such good, they have going forward to tremendous defensive coordinatiaon and wonderful
(what?) to really worry Barcelona and they still couldn't crack the dam, and of course the wonderfull cheery on the biggest (what?) was Lionel Messi, still the king in the castle, and still the greatest footballer (what?). < <-- ini kalimat yang paling ane suka :)

Phil: Barcelona the champions of the super copa for the third straight year.

Belum cukup? Ini komentar-komentarnya pada saat gol Messi dan Villa. 

Ray Hudson: "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!  What an eye for goal David Villa has!  It would make the Cyclops jealous!  This is an astonishing strike... Messi with the start... he threads it through, but David Villa has it all to do here."

"He curls it divinely!  That is absolutely magisterial finishing from David Villa!  Look at this!  World class.  Universally lauded as one of the greatest forwards in world football, we've just seen why.  This is a chandelier diamond of a goal.  A wonderful hit!  And it even surprises the lads on the bench."

Personally, I love it.  Who else could weave in Cyclops, magesterial, and chandelier diamond into one goal call?

"AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!.... Excuse me for being excited people, but we've just witnessed a goal that would wake up a catatonic!  Astonishing skill that literally takes the breath away.  Phenomenal football and there's no answer to that.  You can't coach against this.  It's pure genius is what it is!"

"Look at his balance, better balance than a whaler on a very rocky cruise ship.  He stays upright and then he can dink it over the top.  Pique plays it into him beautifully but he's got it all to do... backheel is magnificent imagination in 3D!  Astonishing chip home... his right foot comes out, he doesn't need the Strativarius left, he gets his violin out and plays the sweetest music for the go ahead goal right before half time and suck the air out of Real Madrid."

Tambah lagi!

"A truly genius goal, not just from the executioner, not just from Lionel, but his teammates.  And Cesc Fabregas is a big part of this people... it's brilliant Barcelona interplay and it's wonderful finish.  And Lionel Messi is like a clown's pocket, he just keeps bringing more and more out of it!!"

"And it's an emphatic finish!  Astonishing!  No chance for Casillas, no chance for the Real Madrid defenders!  Cut apart and absolutely made into confetti by Barcelona!"

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